Disability Hardship Letter


David Scott

The Project Manager

Alex Technical Solutions

06, Everest Street, Western London


23August 2012

Sub-Disability Hardship Letter

Dear David,

I am writing this letter to state my unfortunate set of circumstances which left me behind from joining Office back. As you know that I met with an accident and was unfit for work for around three months. But things took a different turn when doctor diagnosed a severe infection in the bone and for this reason there was an amputation in my right leg.

Mobility after this incident is a great concern for me. I am the only income source of my family. And I really need to continue with the work so that things fall in place as soon as possible. Moreover the project in which I was working is also very crucial for the company. So I would like to avail the Work from Home option under your consideration, which I think will be beneficial for me as well as the company. I would like to continue with all the responsibilities which I have been assigned during my promotion.

I hope you will be kind enough to judge this situation as an exception and allow me to join. Hope to hear from you at the earliest.

Thanking you

Scott Stephens

System Analyst

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