Financial Hardship Letter to Doctor


Dr. Ronald Fred


Wisdom Health Care Clinic



23RD February 2013

Subject: Financial hardship letter to doctor

Respected Mr. Fred,

I am Eric Charlie, your patient at Wisdom Health Care Clinic. I received the treatment from you for my cardiac problems earlier this month. I am pleased to tell you that I have recovered fairly well from my sickness.

I am writing this letter in reference to the payment plan that required me to pay $1000 every month for my cardiac treatment that I underwent. This is to inform you that I am unfortunately running into the financial hardships in my life and therefore I would not be able to continue with the payments of my medical plan for some time. I have lost my job because you advised me 1 month of rest which my boss declined to permit and I had to quit.

In reference to the financial hardships that I am currently facing, I have applied for interviews and applications at various companies and I am hopeful to be employed in next few days.

Through this letter I request for the time extension so that I can clear my medical expenses that are due. I assure you that I would pay my pending dues after I recover from this financial hardship and land up in a new job.

I hope you understand my condition well.

Thanking you.


Eric Charlie

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