Hardship Transfer Letter


Michael Jordon

General Manager

Bermuda Airlines Limited

43, Airline Towers, Northern London


10th July 2012

Sub- Hardship transfer letter

Respected sir

I am writing this letter to bring to your kind notice about the financial hardship that I have been undergoing because of my transfer from company’s Northern London branch office to Central London head office. The monthly rent of the apartment in central London is five hundred percent more than my northern London residence. The cost of living and everyday expenses is very high here forcing me cut back on my lifestyle. My monthly emoluments have not increased because of the transfer but my monthly expenses had increased by almost 200%. Now I am struggling to fulfill even the basic necessities of my family members because of a big gap between my income and expenses. It has become impossible for me to survive in this expensive city with such a small salary.

I would request you kindly increase my pay as per the cost of living of my city. In case it is not possible to increase my salary then you are requested to make necessary arrangement to transfer me back to Northern London. I look forward for positive response from your side.

Yours sincerely

Messy Sarcoxie

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